Audio Equipment

Novanex was for years the leading Dutch manufacturer of guitar amplifiers and PA-systems. Based on total production numbers we probably still are. At this moment our team of engineers is working on a new range of products. The first new audio products are reaching the market now. Our goal is to implement as many European and US quality parts as possible. Production will take place in our own production facilities in the EU.

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G20 Guitar Amplifier **NEW**
Introduced April 2017 at Music Fair Frankfurt  Completely new developed amplifier by No..
Ex Tax: €288,84
G22 Guitar Amplifier **NEW**
We introduced the Amp at the Frankfurt Music Fair in April 2017. Designed for the experienced jaz..
Ex Tax: €288,84
Acoustic Guitar AG-30
Acoustic Guitar Amplifier AG-30 30 Watts of pure pleasure. Produced from 1990 till 1994. Price..
Ex Tax: €268,00
AG-70 Akoestische Gitaarversterker
AG-70 Akoestische Gitaarversterker met 2 10 inch Beyma luidsprekers, Accutronic spring-reverb en een..
Ex Tax: €495,04
Automatic 20, (1978) A superb compact amplifier which will satisfy all the needs of advanced amat..
Ex Tax: €161,53
Automatic 10 Guitar Amplifier
Automatic 10, (1978) The lasting amplifier with surprising power,  to be used at hom..
Ex Tax: €120,21
Automatic 6, (1978) The wonderful amp to amaze your friends by its sound and high output, as ..
Ex Tax: €103,31
B10 Battery
Potrable compact guitar amp for the street musician. For description please open the PDF. Price, ..
Ex Tax: €153,76
EB10 Bass Combo
EB10   COMPACT MUSICAL AMPS   Not only student-musicians need a small amp to p..
Ex Tax: €86,28
L100C Active Loudspeaker
(1991) Brochure​ 100 Watts Price; HFL 1150,-  ..
Ex Tax: €431,40
MPA50  Mixer Amplifier
MPA50 set with 2 SB258 Loudspeakers. 2* 25 Watts Price; HFL. 695,-   ..
Ex Tax: €260,66
(1993) With this 100 Watt Stereo PA-system Novanex covers the growing need for a universal keyboard ..
Ex Tax: €558,68
TG Metal
(1991) After the succes with the Novanex METAL-series, Novanex decided to drop the 30 Watts and add ..
Ex Tax: €103,14
X124 Travelcase Mixer
1991, Price; Hfl 2090,- ​Brochure  General Brochure '93 ..
Ex Tax: €783,80