Guitar Amplifiers

Novanex has a reputation to uphold regarding extraordinary guitar amplifiers. The purple and orange turning knobs were legendary.The knobs were in fact manufactured by a nearby factory called Festo in Nijmegen. They were originally intended for water heaters.

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G20 Guitar Amplifier **NEW**
Introduced April 2017 at Music Fair Frankfurt  Completely new developed amplifier by No..
Ex Tax: €288,84
G22 Guitar Amplifier **NEW**
We introduced the Amp at the Frankfurt Music Fair in April 2017. Designed for the experienced jaz..
Ex Tax: €288,84
Acoustic Guitar AG-30
Acoustic Guitar Amplifier AG-30 30 Watts of pure pleasure. Produced from 1990 till 1994. Price..
Ex Tax: €268,00
AG-70 Akoestische Gitaarversterker
AG-70 Akoestische Gitaarversterker met 2 10 inch Beyma luidsprekers, Accutronic spring-reverb en een..
Ex Tax: €495,04
Automatic 20, (1978) A superb compact amplifier which will satisfy all the needs of advanced amat..
Ex Tax: €161,53
Automatic 10 Guitar Amplifier
Automatic 10, (1978) The lasting amplifier with surprising power,  to be used at hom..
Ex Tax: €120,21
Automatic 6, (1978) The wonderful amp to amaze your friends by its sound and high output, as ..
Ex Tax: €103,31
B10 Battery
Potrable compact guitar amp for the street musician. For description please open the PDF. Price, ..
Ex Tax: €153,76
EB10 Bass Combo
EB10   COMPACT MUSICAL AMPS   Not only student-musicians need a small amp to p..
Ex Tax: €86,28
TG Metal
(1991) After the succes with the Novanex METAL-series, Novanex decided to drop the 30 Watts and add ..
Ex Tax: €103,14
P10 Playmate
  (1984) Modern guitar players are not satisfied anymore with a guitar amplifier which does ..