Automatic 20 Gitarren Verstärker

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Automatic 20 Gitarren Verstärker

Automatic 20, (1978)

A superb compact amplifier which will satisfy all the needs of advanced amateurs and semi-pro's alike.


Power         :  20 Watts RMS

Controls      : Volume, treble and base. Tremolo speed and intensity.

Inputs         : 2 parallel for instruments ( of which one for connecting and supplying DC voltage to Novanex` effects pedal at the same time. 1 for tremolo on/off footswitch

Mains         : 220 V (continental standard) 50 Hz.

                    other voltages on request.  On/Off switch. Pilot light.

Dimensions : 38x50x22 cm (h x w x d)  

Weight        : approx. 11kgs.

Price           : 430 Hfl

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