Concrete moisture meters

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GM-200 Concrete/Wood Moisture Meter with Ball
  Parameters of the device Measurement by means of a metal ball Compact; T24mmxW..
Ex Tax: €189,26
VI-D4 Concrete Moisture Meter with Spring Electrodes
The VI-D4 is  the most advanced non-destructive moisture meter on the market The meter features..
Ex Tax: €243,80
HPM Touch Pro
HPM –  Universal Moisture Measuring Device TEMPORARY HIGH REBATE Normal Price 350,-..
Ex Tax: €164,88
MT-600 Multitouch
Moisture and Climate Measuring Device The MT-600 measuring device protects against costl..
Ex Tax: €297,52
HPM Clima Sensor  Airtemperature- and Airhumiditysensor with IR Surfacetemperature measurement
Clima Sensor ( for VI-D4 and HPM Touch Pro ) Robust sensor for connection to the HPM Touch Pro humi..
Ex Tax: €148,50
VI-E2 Moisture Indicator
The classic NOVANEX meter. Out of production since 1993. Succeeded by VI-D1 and VI-D3 Operation M..
Ex Tax: €129,55
VI-D1 Concrete and Wood Moisture Meter
• Specially designed to measure the moisture in concrete and other building materials • Non-d..
Ex Tax: €165,00
Hydrometer BM-200
NOVANEX BM-200 Professionele meter in hoogwaardige geextrudeerde aluminium behuizing. Nooit meer ..
Ex Tax: €199,17