P10 Playmate

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P10 Playmate

(1984) Modern guitar players are not satisfied anymore with a guitar amplifier which does not produce the complete range of sounds, typical for todays music.

Therefore NOVANEX developed this new range of com­ pact guitar and bass amplifiers, incorporating the necessary means to realize these sounds: an

overdrive/distortion and limiter/compressor to avoid the need for separate equip­ ment with the risk of matching problems, and this on studio-quality level!

The result is a range of five amps in four different power­ levels with an increasing number of tone-controls at higher power.

A headphone-connection offers the possibility to practise at home without disturbing others.

Playing the guitar with these amps is a pleasure, being free from all technical problems, concentrating only on the music.

Playmate Brochure

Playmate Pl0

Musicpower : 10 Watt.

Controls : gain, treble, bass, volume.

Inputs : 1

Outputs : line -headphone.

Dimensions : 36.4 x 36.4 x 18 cm.(h x w x d)

Weight : approx. 6.7 kg

​Price: 310,- Hfl


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