TG Metal

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Model:  TG Metal
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TG Metal

(1991) After the succes with the Novanex METAL-series, Novanex decided to drop the 30 Watts and add two series of 25 and 50 Watts, to introduce utmost efficiency and realise maximum value for money. Therewith Novanex became a complete range of compact instrument combo's available, which covers the need of all young instrument players: if a guitar-player likes to play clean, loud and/or distorted, with or without the famous accutronics reverb, or a bass-player likes to playa round smooth bass or likes to slab now and than, or a keyboard player likes to let his electronic organ blow the music away or play lovely in the night. ... it can all be done with these sophisticated, compact, easy to carry instrument amps of Novanex.

  Compact Combo's

SENSITIVITY           1to 200 mV

CONTROLS             G-T-B-V

REVERB                 no


SPEAKER              8"

POWER                 15 Watts

DIMENSIONS         28 x 28 x 19 cm

WEIGHT                 5.1 kg

Price                       Hfl 275,-


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